Troubleshooting and Support procedure (Get Support):

  1. Make sure that you are running the latest version of the product on all your members or personal PCs. You can download the latest product release by clicking here.

  2. Update your Office/Outlook with the latest updates that improve the stability and security of Microsoft Office. Click here to go to Microsoft Outlook Office Online website.

  3. Check Systems Requirements.

  4. Refer to Installation procedure.

  5. Search the product FAQ.

  6. Contacting Support: If you cannot solve your problem by any of the previous steps then please send the Bug Report email (Outlook Help -> AboutProduct -> Bug Report) to, or submit the Online Support Form, or use LiveHelp with the following information:

Note: Please remember to keep all of the conversation history when you reply to our emails.

Click here to submit the Online Support Form.


We provide full support for trial and full version of ShareO / ShareCalendar / ShareContacts:


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!!! Note: We do not provide support for Microsoft Outlook; please refer to the resources at Microsoft web site.

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